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Want a more natural, topical approach healing mouth sores within hours to days?  I’m the inventor, originally developed for my stress and fatigue caused canker sores. Canker Sores Begone™

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Replacing Entourage with Outlook

This news was released last year, but I, and perhaps you, are just hearing it for the first time.   Here’s the August 2009 article I found on MacWorld. Click Here.

If you’d like a peak at a snapshot of what Outlook will look like, click Here.   Clicking on the snapshot will enlarge it.


The pain of a canker sore can be excruciating.  This natural-based topical remedy will help resolve it within hours to a few days. Canker Sores Begone™

Leg Cramp – How to Stop It in Seconds

A few nights ago, a leg cramp woke me up. I applied a technique I learned from a friend who had successfully used it for years.

With the fingertip of my index finger (right or left hand), I firmly pressed against the skin directly under my nose between the nostrils.  Cramp stopped within five seconds.

I’ve done this successfully a few times now so feel confident to share this with you.

Get rid of that burning, painful canker sore within a day or so. Send for Canker Sores Begone now so you have it when you need it.

Short Answer: Cold Sore vs Canker Sore. What’s the Difference?

Cold sores erupt outside the mouth

On the lips, around the mouth, in the nose area, and for some, the face, hands, chest, arms, fingers.  Yep, they’re caused by herpes simplex I, a virus that more people than not have in their bodies whether or not they’ve had or ever will have an outbreak.  The virus is often transmitted in early childhood by receiving a kiss, or sharing eating utensils or a beverage with a person who has an active outbreak.

Canker sores only appear inside the mouth

The medical literature says it’s not a herpes simplex infection. I question that.  My own canker sore experience, and that of the tens of thousands of repeat customers who use Canker Sores Begone™ (containing herbs known for their anti-viral properties) find the triggers for a canker sore are the same as for a cold sore: fatigue, stress, illness, skin trauma around or in the mouth (ie dental procedure, permanent cosmetic enhancement, an abrasion).  The exceptions:  over-exposure to the sun can trigger a cold sore but not a canker sore.  The literature is probably correct about canker sores triggered by acidic food.  For instance, acidic food-caused cankers do not respond to Canker Sores Begone™. 

The Quick and Dirty

Cold Sores Begone™ prevents a cold sore eruption when applied at the first symptom.
Canker Sores Begone™ has a healing effect anytime within the first day of application to a few days later-individual experiences vary.

Don’t Let a Cold Sore Ruin Valentine’s Day When It’s So Easy to Prevent!

The mouth conveys beauty and sensuality, especially with close physical contact……unless you have a cold sore.

If you’re prone to cold sores, you probably know they’re triggered when your immune system is compromised by lack of sleep, stress and emotional upsets, irritation or pain in or around the mouth, like a dental procedure or having a lip line tatoo.   Too much sun or wind exposure are common causes too.

What to do about it?  You know the drill – get enough quality sleep, eat healthy and include plenty of fruits and vegetables high in anti-oxidants, handle your stress with the plethora of ways to do it – exercise, yoga, meditation, contemplative music, breathing techniques, self-hypnosis.

There’s no shortage of relaxing, soothing, meditative videos on YouTube.  This is my all time favorite calming video, A Good Day,  5-1/2 minutes long.

So, you feel the dreaded ‘tingling’ sensation somewhere on the lips.  Now what?  Some people like applying a used but cooled tea bag. The next one is, how should I say it….ok, gross, that’s what it is, but a few folks have sworn to me it works – apply some of your ear wax. I warned you! LOL! Others like to take L-lysine or a prescription drug, such as Valtrax, but may miss the short window to use it if you’re away from home.

Another option is a topical remedy I invented for myself over 20 years ago, now commercially known as Cold Sores Begone™.  It’s non-toxic, safe for children of any age, and best of all, it prevents the eruption altogether.  The ingredients contain herbs known for their anti-viral properties, so at the tingle, apply a few drops, and bingo, infection aborted, you’re good to go.

It’s packaged in an unbreakable, pocketsize bottle to always keep with you just in caseCold Sores Begone™ is available at many health food stores across the U.S., including Whole Foods Market and other regional chains (ie Sprouts, Henry’s Marketplace, Chamberlin’s).  There are advantages to purchasing it on my website or calling my office (888-877-6315).  The price is the same, $11/btl, the shipping is a flat fee, only $2 (and included in the refund if you don’t like the product for any reason). Also:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money on gas
  • If outside California, no sales tax
  • Ships immediately

So, go out there and have a cold sore-free Valentine’s Day; in fact, better, a cold sore-free life!

James Dillet Freeman’s 1947 piece, I AM THERE. If you’re drawn to read this now, it’s most likely what you need now.

James Dillet Freeman’s work was taken to the moon twice, a distinction he shares with no other author. His 1941 Prayer for Protection was taken aboard Apollo 11 in July 1969 by Lunar Module pilot Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. Aldrin had the poem with him when he made his historic moonwalk.  Two years later, James’ 1947 I Am There went to the moon with Colonel James B. Irwin on Apollo 15, where Irwin left a microfilm copy of the poem on the moon.

I Am There

I Am There
Do you need Me?
I am there.
You cannot see Me, yet I am the light you see by.
You cannot hear Me, yet I speak through your voice.
You cannot feel Me, yet I am the power at work in your hands.

I am at work, though you do not understand My ways.
I am at work, though you do not recognize My works.
I am not strange visions. I am not mysteries.
Only in absolute stillness, beyond self, can you know Me as I am, and then but as a feeling and a faith.
Yet I am there. Yet I hear. Yet I answer.
When you need Me, I am there.
Even if you deny Me, I am there.
Even when you feel most alone, I am there.
Even in your fears, I am there.
Even in your pain, I am there.
I am there when you pray and when you do not pray.
I am in you, and you are in Me.

Only in your mind can you feel separate from Me, for only in your mind are the mists of “yours” and “mine.”
Yet only with your mind can you know Me and experience Me.
Empty your heart of empty fears.
When you get yourself out of the way, I am there.
You can of yourself do nothing, but I can do all.
And I am in all.

Though you may not see the good, good is there, for I am there.
I am there because I have to be, because I am.
Only in Me does the world have meaning; only out of Me does the world take form; only because of Me does the world go forward.
I am the law on which the movement of the stars and the growth of living cells are founded.

I am the love that is the law’s fulfilling. I am assurance. I am peace. I am oneness. I am the law that you can live by. I am the love that you can cling to. I am your assurance. I am your peace. I am one with you. I am.
Though you fail to find Me, I do not fail you.
Though your faith in Me is unsure, My faith in you never wavers, because I know you, because I love you.

Beloved, I am there.

—James Dillet Freeman

Freeman’s article explaining how he came to write this and two other famous poems