Sex and the Cold Sore – Karma’s a Bitch

You may be feeling 'yes!', but a cold sore says it's NOT happening.
You may be feeling ‘yes!’, but your cold sore says it’s NOT happening.

An active cold sore infection is highly contagious from the early warning symptom, such as the tingle, itch or numb sensation we’re all too familiar with to the time the sore has completely healed.  Even if the sore is no longer visible yet that area is still tender to the touch, you are vulnerable to an immediate re-occurence if the triggers are there – over-exposure to sun or wind, fatigue, irritation or trauma to the area, low immune system.

During that time, no kissing or contact with mouth ANYWHERE, if you get my drift.  No sharing of eating utensils or drinks.  No re-using a washcloth until its laundered if it has made contact with the cold sore.  Be very diligent and cautious when washing your face with your hands, washcloth, etc, that you don’t clean your eye, genital and anal areas without first rinsing your hands thoroughly and before soaping up again to clean those areas.  Be mindful of where your towel is going when you dry off.  If any section of it has even lightly made contact with the cold sore, or you THINK it may have, throw it in the laundry hamper immediately.

So, how about sex when you have a cold sore…  it’s okay as long as there’s no oral contact anywhere.  In the moment of passion, however, nothing else may exist, leading to the likelihood of infecting the other in all areas with which the cold sore makes contact.

The intensity of sexual desire can seem overpowering,  especially for teenagers and young adults when sexual desire is at its peak. Caution or ‘being careful’ can be compromised.  That’s when maturity, self-discipline, ethics, and caring how you could negatively affect someone else for a lifetime is critical.  If you have a cold sore, do not put yourself in a position of helpless temptation.  Wait until the infection is OVER.


If you try to hide, or lie about an infection, let me just tell you, don’t even think about it. Karma’s a bitch.

This is a good time to tell you there’s a way to stop an infection before it becomes a cold sore.  It’s a chapstick called Cold Sores Begone Stick™.  You apply it when you feel the early warning symptom, and you’re good to go.  It aborts the infection, and the cold sore won’t form or surface.  Can you kiss five minutes later?  Probably, but don’t take the chance, not worth it. Wait until the next day. Bask in the joy you don’t have a cold sore!

I’m the one who developed it well over 20 yrs ago for my chronic cold sore problems, haven’t had one since. You can find it in selected health food stores, such as Sprout’s Farmers Market, a national chain, or from our website,  Health food stores will often bring it in for you if you ask.  The flat shipping fee is only $1.99, and ships immediately.

When Your Baby or Toddler Gets a Cold Sore or Canker Sore

This little one has both canker sores (inside upper lip) and a cold sore (the swelling on bottom lip).  Canker sores, also called mouth ulcers, appear inside the mouth; cold sores, on outer outer lips, nose, chin, cheeks.


It’s quite common for babies and young children to have one type of sore or the other, but also, to have both at the same time because the triggers are the same:  stress/fussiness, over-tired, some kind of irritation in or around the mouth (teething, injury, dental procedure), a temporarily impaired immune system due to cold or flu, and too much sun-exposure can cause a cold sore.

Enviable perks of babyhood is freedom of worry how to make the mortgage payment and a complete lack of  embarrassment having a cold sore.   As adorable as this baby is with or without the sores, she is fully capable of transmitting the cold sore virus to a sumo wrestler or anyone through a kiss, or sharing eating/drinking utensils, even a spray of saliva, so take precautions to not let that happen.  And don’t re-use a towel, bib or wash cloth used to clean the mouth area without laundering it first. Don’t re-use a napkin or paper towel used for that purpose at all.  Be absolutely vigilent to stay away from the baby’s eye area with anything that isn’t completely clean (hands, washcloth, etc) if the baby – or you – has a cold sore.

Cold Sores Begone Stick™ is all natural, a chapstick remedy to apply as soon as the first sign of a cold sore appears for a baby, toddler or very young child.  It should heal within one to three days.  If you feel more comfortable to wipe off the top of the stick with a napkin or skim the thinnest layer off the top with a knife between applications or infections, do that.  Once your child is old enough to recognize the first symptom, a tingle, itch or numb sensation, the stick should be applied then, which will abort the infection before it has a chance to form and surface.  It works this way to prevent a cold sore for everyone, regardless of age.

There’s no early warning symptom of a canker sore inside the lips, on the tongue, gums or elsewhere, just its sudden appearance which often causes terrible pain when eating or drinking, or even if not, just as it does for adults.  CK.Toddler.UnderTongue.We want to get rid of that troublemaker immediately.  That’s where Canker Sores Begone Stick™ is important.  Similar to Cold Sores Begone Stick™, a chapstick, the consistency of the canker stick is much softer for easier spreadabilit*Tube CKy inside the wet environment of the mouth.  It won’t sting like over-the-counter remedies.  No, you don’t put the entire stick inside the mouth!  You use your fingertip to swipe off a small amount, dry the canker sore with a small piece of paper towel  if you need to, and plop the remedy on. If it doesn’t adhere because of saliva, go back, dry it again and be a little faster to apply.  That canker sore should be gone within a day or two.

If your baby lets you borrow it, both remedies will work for you like this too.  If sharing the sticks between people, especially with babies, I would take the extra precaution and thinly skim off the top layer of the stick between applications.  An alternate to ordering from my websites, Sprouts Farmers Market carries both remedies as does Atkins/Chamberlins Health Food stores, and may be other health food stores in your area that do as well.

Victoria Beckham has a cold sore right now

Not a big deal, but here’s the picture, taken a couple of days ago, it’s almost healed up now.  Does she not know the hand over mouth technique?  Better yet, why doesn’t she have a tube of Cold Sores Begone Stick™ in her purse?  That cold sore would’ve never happened.


Twitter advertising found NOT successful by this expert marketer

I found Sarah Staar through her ad for a free webinar on affiliate marketing, which I’ve been interested in, to transition from the cycler/matrix online opportunities that have a high failure  She’s a true online expert with up-to-date, highly useful advice, techniques, and how-to’s.  If you’re a marketer, among all the ‘experts’ to follow, she’s a worthy one.

I’ve been in business for myself for 25 years and most of that time has been running sales/distribution for 2 remedies I created years ago that’s sold in the natural products industry, and, both online and in health food stores (i.e. Sprouts Farmers Market).

In all this time, by far, the largest expense I’ve had has been unsuccessful advertising.  You can understand then why I’m so grateful to have found Sarah’s post about Twitter advertising, since I have been considering it.

The following is an excerpt from her recent newsletter:

Advertising on Twitter
Whilst I was in America one of the buzzes was about advertising on Twitter, but I couldn’t find anybody actually making money through twitter advertising.

Now the interesting thing is Back in 2009 the buzz was all about free traffic from Twitter. Every seminar you went to there was always somebody selling some sort of software to automatically get you tons of traffic using Twitter.

I remember attending one of these events, taking loads of notes rushing home and purchasing the Twitter software, and then I went out and purchased 5000 Twitter accounts.

To cut a long story short, yes it did generate an absolute ton of traffic however nobody bought anything and it all ended up being a big waste of my time and money…..

Last week I was going through my notes which I took whilst in America and I remembered that Twitter advertising thing that people are talking about.

So Monday I set up a Twitter advertising campaign just really to see what would happen.

So far my results have not been great, I’ve been sending the traffic directly to one of my squeeze pages. It’s been costing me around $10-$15 person that joins my email list which is mega expensive, and so far no one’s bought anything.

I will carry on my testing for another week and try and tweak a few things to see if I can make Twitter advertising work.

I will let you know my results next week. But for the time being……

So, if you want to know the results, you’ll just have to sign up for her newsletter!

Also subscribe to her youtube videos:

Hiding a Cold Sore

I remember walking down the hallways of my school when I was in 8th grade with a large angry cold sore on my bottom lip. It didn’t even have the decency to center itself properly so there was symmetry.  I noticed how the students would notice it and become transfixed.  A hideous deformity. It might have been a foot raising up from the swelling on my mouth. Thenunnamed the whisper to friends standing nearby.

It’s fair to say I was mortified, the world was coming to an end, when I felt that early warning sensation, a tingle on my lip where the cold sore was going to push itself up and out to say hello to the world.

I tried to camouflage it with lipstick. It hid nothing, but was colorful, bright and festive.

During another outbreak, now in high school, I put on a thick layer of salve to my entire bottom lip, explaining I had burned my lip drinking hot tea.  In the end, it was as embarrassing as the cold sore underneath it.

There was the bandage covering half my lip, cold sore underneath, explaining it away as an injury.

So guess what I did?  I’m a genius, I tell you.  I came up with a remedy in my kitchen that prevented my cold sores from surfacing as long as I applied it when I felt the tingle. Yep, I sure did.  It’s still working like that for me today.   No cold sores in the last 25 years.  It’s available for anyone wCS Right Faceho wants it now.

My primary business expenses, $65K/yr vs my online business-NONE!

Update 3/23/15:  This program discussed below has ended.

I believe nothing we experience is an accident, that everything is a lesson serving the growth of our body, mind and spirit.

Yet, I’m feeling regret that my business of 20 years, Cold Sores Begone Stick™ and Canker Sores Begone Stick™, with all its ups and downs, has been extremely expensive to run for this solo entrepreneur – this past year, an out-of-pocket $65,000. I don’t think I can put a price on what it’s cost me in stress and even fear when I’ve been thrown curves I wasn’t sure I could overcome.

I want a greater sense of financial security now that I’m an older boomer living in the new economy so I’m operating an additional business, one that’s online requiring 1-2 hours a day. It’s bringing in a residual income that will increase during the next 6-12 months that will far exceed what my primary business has ever provided.  The operational expense?  Zero.  There’s an $11.50 monthly membership fee that was almost immediately covered within the first month with my first referral provided by the team I’m on.  I’m just copying and pasting a ready-made ad that contains my personal affiliate link on niche Facebook groups throughout the day. People who resonate with the benefits offered sign up under me, and that’s all there is to it.

Here’s a 10 minute video that explains the compensation plan and a little about what the business is about.

If this is something you’d like to explore more or start now, take a look at the All In One Profits website.  DON’T join directly on that website, however, you won’t receive perks and support that you’d receive joining through our team.  Instead, just start with going to our team Facebook group and click on JOIN.  You’ll probably be approved within a few minutes. Then you can post that you want more info or  you want to start immediately.

The online business is growing fairly quickly and I find myself tempted to sell my stressful primary business and just run this online business that only requires a part-time effort.  I’m not quite ready to do that yet, but I see that if I choose to keep it, it will because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to.

I’m not trying to hustle you to say I recommend this particular online business I’m in. There’s a plethora of them out there. This one is a trusted, long-standing, and stable system.

Either I or another team member will provide all the help and support you need getting started and throughout.

If this isn’t for you, please find another source of income that is if you want some level of financial security. We’re in a different world now, it’s necessary.

It’s essential for your protection to have additional sources of income in new economy

Update 3/23/15:  While the concept of creating additional sources of income in this economy is still valid, the program discussed, Financial Fitness Club, has now ended.

We can only rely on ourselves to make sure we have a safety net when life throws us a curve – and it WILL.

In the first video, I refer to a money generating program which I first vetted, and now recommend to my family and friends. I do this and easily continue to run my small business of 20 years. It’s only $50 to have this business as your own and it’s inheritable. Run by very good people. If you’re looking for a scheme or scam, look elsewhere. 12 minute video: