Sex and the Cold Sore – Karma’s a Bitch

You may be feeling 'yes!', but a cold sore says it's NOT happening.
You may be feeling ‘yes!’, but your cold sore says it’s NOT happening.

An active cold sore infection is highly contagious from the early warning symptom, such as the tingle, itch or numb sensation we’re all too familiar with to the time the sore has completely healed.  Even if the sore is no longer visible yet that area is still tender to the touch, you are vulnerable to an immediate re-occurence if the triggers are there – over-exposure to sun or wind, fatigue, irritation or trauma to the area, low immune system.

During that time, no kissing or contact with mouth ANYWHERE, if you get my drift.  No sharing of eating utensils or drinks.  No re-using a washcloth until its laundered if it has made contact with the cold sore.  Be very diligent and cautious when washing your face with your hands, washcloth, etc, that you don’t clean your eye, genital and anal areas without first rinsing your hands thoroughly and before soaping up again to clean those areas.  Be mindful of where your towel is going when you dry off.  If any section of it has even lightly made contact with the cold sore, or you THINK it may have, throw it in the laundry hamper immediately.

So, how about sex when you have a cold sore…  it’s okay as long as there’s no oral contact anywhere.  In the moment of passion, however, nothing else may exist, leading to the likelihood of infecting the other in all areas with which the cold sore makes contact.

The intensity of sexual desire can seem overpowering,  especially for teenagers and young adults when sexual desire is at its peak. Caution or ‘being careful’ can be compromised.  That’s when maturity, self-discipline, ethics, and caring how you could negatively affect someone else for a lifetime is critical.  If you have a cold sore, do not put yourself in a position of helpless temptation.  Wait until the infection is OVER.


If you try to hide, or lie about an infection, let me just tell you, don’t even think about it. Karma’s a bitch.

This is a good time to tell you there’s a way to stop an infection before it becomes a cold sore.  It’s a chapstick called Cold Sores Begone Stick™.  You apply it when you feel the early warning symptom, and you’re good to go.  It aborts the infection, and the cold sore won’t form or surface.  Can you kiss five minutes later?  Probably, but don’t take the chance, not worth it. Wait until the next day. Bask in the joy you don’t have a cold sore!

I’m the one who developed it well over 20 yrs ago for my chronic cold sore problems, haven’t had one since. You can find it in selected health food stores, such as Sprout’s Farmers Market, a national chain, or from our website,  Health food stores will often bring it in for you if you ask.  The flat shipping fee is only $1.99, and ships immediately.