Hiding a Cold Sore

I remember walking down the hallways of my school when I was in 8th grade with a large angry cold sore on my bottom lip. It didn’t even have the decency to center itself properly so there was symmetry.  I noticed how the students would notice it and become transfixed.  A hideous deformity. It might have been a foot raising up from the swelling on my mouth. Thenunnamed the whisper to friends standing nearby.

It’s fair to say I was mortified, the world was coming to an end, when I felt that early warning sensation, a tingle on my lip where the cold sore was going to push itself up and out to say hello to the world.

I tried to camouflage it with lipstick. It hid nothing, but was colorful, bright and festive.

During another outbreak, now in high school, I put on a thick layer of salve to my entire bottom lip, explaining I had burned my lip drinking hot tea.  In the end, it was as embarrassing as the cold sore underneath it.

There was the bandage covering half my lip, cold sore underneath, explaining it away as an injury.

So guess what I did?  I’m a genius, I tell you.  I came up with a remedy in my kitchen that prevented my cold sores from surfacing as long as I applied it when I felt the tingle. Yep, I sure did.  It’s still working like that for me today.   No cold sores in the last 25 years.  It’s available for anyone wCS Right Faceho wants it now.  www.ColdSoresBegone.com