, Hot New Site (Think BIG Discounts & YOUR City)

I’m a major consumer, an information junkie – yet apparently one of the last to know about  Wildly popular, they’ve been featured on…

I wasted no time.  The deal for the day in Orange County, California where I live was a spa offering a European Facial and a 45 minute Swedish massage for $59, 50% off the regular cost. Needed the facial, wanted the massage. I jumped on it.

Sampling offers:   Restaurants, cooking classes, recreational events,  bus trip to Las Vegas, 5 hour sportfishing plus rod and meal, all day pass to family fun center, rock climbing lessons, hot air balloon ride and picnic – and it goes on and on.

Is this cool or what?  And strangely fun. Watch a video to see how Groupon works.
Does over-exposure to sun and wind cause you cold sore eruptions?  Nip it in the bud with a few dabs of topical, herbal Cold Sores Begone™.  Cold sore prevented!  Buy HERE.

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