4 Simple Steps for a Compelling Quick Pitch for Product, Service, MLM

This article from Julie Steelman, The Entrepreneur’s Selling Expert, was just what I needed to nail down my elevator pitch.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been required to give one and always felt I wasn’t concise enough, sharing more information than was productive for the moment. 
Your quick pitch is your most poignant form of permission marketing. 

It’s sole intention is to get the listener to say “tell me more”.

When they do, you have just gained permission to talk more in-depth about your product or service and you are speaking to a willing participant.

To construct a compelling and quippy quick pitch doesn’t take long if you know your business well.  Here are four simple steps.

Step #1:  Identify exactly what you are selling and name it.  Use clear and concise language that is easy to understand. Incorporate an adjective into this statement.

Step #2:  What pain or suffering does your product or service alleviate?  What is the end result people get when they use your product or service?  Name the payoff the customer gets. 

Step #3:  In one phrase, tell why you care about offering this product or service?  What is your bigger goal or mission?

Step #4:  Put these items together and you have your compelling and quippy quick pitch.  Make sure to make it conversational and practice saying it often. 

Service Provider Example:
With my 10-step system, I teach entrepreneurs how to sell enough to make more money than they will ever need.  I care that entrepreneurs learn how to sell well because they are the new face of business in America.

Product Example:
I developed a green and organic skin care line that is perfect for busy women. They can rejuvenate their spirit while reducing the signs of aging in less than 1-minute a day.  I care deeply that no women suffers like I did from allergic reactions to unnatural ingredients.

MLM Example:
I help people get their joy back by empowering them to take charge of their health.  I know if everyone would put this product in their body, their life would be different.  Mine was and that is why I care that other people have the same experience.

Avoid describing your process, instead explain the specific result customers get.

Avoid trying to cover your whole story in the first encounter.

Remember the goal of a quick pitch, no matter who you are talking to, is to get them to say, “tell me more”.  It can be a reporter, a customer, a potential investor, a chance meeting or a casual conversation.

I know Julie from a business organization to which we both belong, and highly recommend her for small business owners.  Her website is www.JulieSteelman.com.  For more useful tips, subscribe to her newsletter. 

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