Easy Fix for Common Problem Many WordPress Bloggers Don’t Know They Have That Degrades Google Ranking

Undo WordPress Content Duplication

A simple, step by step tip to undo WordPress content duplication when you’re blog can be accessed using using www or without it – and it probably can.  This is how to find out and what to do to correct it so Google doesn’t think it represents two different sites using duplicate content,  messing up your Google rating big time.


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Counting on Sales from Foot Traffic Doesn’t Work Anymore

There was a time (a few years ago) when a sale was actually quite easy. People were much quicker to open their wallets and spend without thinking.  There seems to be a psychological barrier now and it takes a bit longer to make the decision to buy.

Retailers are finding that on some days, it’s dead, affecting sales.  Frustrated with the lack of traffic flow,  retail space owners are contacting their management office requesting they do something to increase it.

An ex-Estee Lauder Cosmetic saleswoman has shared “You are going to have to hire salespeople who know how to clientele.  By that, I mean they have to start building their client list and become best friends with them. They have to invite clients whenever you do an event or have a sale or do anything special.  They must work for every single sale.  Look around [the store she was in]. There’s no one here. You can’t count on foot traffic, especially in this economy. Anyway, counting on foot traffic is so 1980’s. That doesn’t work anymore.”


Personalize each of your sales in order to create a loyal, long-term following. Every single person that walks into your space and buys something should receive a personalized email from you within two weeks.  Every single potential customer should hear from you in a personalized email.  Be happy to work for every single sale.  This includes website sales.

Time and energy?  Yes, but it’s an investment in a longer-term selling process to get your “first circle” of customers excited and buzzing about you.  Then they will tell their friends who will tell their friends.

So what will you do to begin personalizing your sales?  Here’s a suggestion to do the following:

1. Get the contact info of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who purchases from you… via website, craft fairs, or otherwise.  If you talk to them, make sure to write down something personal about them.

2. Contact them 2 weeks after they purchase to ask them how they are enjoying your product/service.  Personalize it (this is where your note-taking is invaluable!)

3. Contact them every month via a newsletter, phone call, or email (don’t be a car salesman about it… provide something valuable… Give, give, get!)

Adapted from a blog written by Angela Jia Kim, Founder of Savor the Success, a premium business network for women, and owner of Om Aroma, an anti-aging luxury organic spa and skincare line that is free of parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, and other toxic chemical fillers.

HypnosisDownloads.com – It’s Great and Cheap!

My friend and I have already test-driven this for you. We’re both noticing improvements.  You won’t believe the hundreds of choices for everything, and I mean everything, you could imagine – even a few for fun, such as Ride on a Magic Carpet or Cloud Nine.  Click on the name for its description.

Each download is only $12.95 and comes down with each additional download  you order at the same time.

HypnosisDownloads.com is part of a professional psychology training organization based in Oban, on the West Coast of Scotland. All of the downloads at HypnosisDownloads.com have been created by Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell, you can read about their credentials HERE.  Know that the voice will have an accent.

If you’re curious, both my friend and I have ordered Early Bed (when you stay up too late).  I also ordered Fear of Vomiting (too much information? :)),  my friend ordered something she prefers to keep personal, but seems encouraged with it so far.

12 Strategies To Jumpstart Your Productivity

I have been a business owner working from my home office for many years now, since 1994.  It seems when I was just starting out, I had more self-discipline.  Each day, I worked on the most difficult or tedious tasks first, wasn’t as distracted by internet surfing, I remember being much more productive.  And now I have to struggle to stay productive.  Too much time on the internet that isn’t always business-related.  I seem to be taking care of the easiest and least important tasks first so what should be the priorities aren’t being treated as such.

I came across the following article on Lifehack with ideas that are relevant and for me, do-able.  I’ll start tommorrow :).

Do you want to end each day feeling like you’ve accomplished everything you set out to do?  Here are 12 strategies to boost your output exponentially:


Set productivity targets
Be clear on what exactly you want to achieve.
Maintain a work environment conducive to productivity
If you feel at home, you will be more inspired to get things done.
Have an organized workspace
If you have a messy workspace, you will feel disorganized and sluggish.
Put first things first
Put the important things first before anything else.
Time box your tasks
Time boxing refers to putting your tasks within fixed time slots.
Have a separate list for incoming tasks
Use a single list for urgent tasks, and another for other tasks.
Upgrade your skills
Your limitations in output come from limitations in your skill level.
Know your motivation triggers
When were the times when you felt inspired? How can you integrate this into your daily life to reinforce your motivation?
Utilize time pockets
Time pockets are the little bits of time you have in between one event to the next — waiting for buses, waiting for appointments to start. Have some ready activities for these.
Hold yourself accountable
Progress tracking is essential to know how you are doing.
Wake up early
If you are up before most of the world, you will be motivated to maintain that lead.
Remember To Rest
It’s about quality of work produced, not quantity of hours spent.

Jay Conrad Levinson, Father of “Guerilla Marketing” Offering No-Cost Online Marketing Seminar This Thursday, June 10th

On Thursday, June 10th at 6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST,  Jay Conrad Levinson the Father of Guerrilla Marketing will be hosting a no cost call and sharing how to use unconventional methods to achieve conventional goals.

If you haven’t heard about Guerrilla Marketing already (is that possible?), it’s the most powerful marketing brand is history, published in 62 languages with over 21 million books being sold world-wide.

Jay has also been involved in the creation of some massive marketing campaigns such as:
–Marlboro Man
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–Lonely Maytag Repair Man
–Tony The Tiger
–Jolly Green Giant

On this action packed call, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing will instruct you how to create a marketing plan that you will use for the rest of your life!  The best part – Guerrilla Marketing is simple, and works every single time assuming you do it correctly.

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Jay Conrad Levinson
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Online Radio Interviews-Interesting Topics With Women Authors and Experts

From WOMEN SPEAK.com, learn from women’s inspiring stories.  Hosted by Nancy D. O’Reilly, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

Interview topics include:

  • How to Parent Strong Girls With Good Self-Image
  • Long Time Survivor of Multiple Cancers Helps Children Understand Cancer
  • Valuable Information How to Cope With Cancer
  • Women and Finding Success in Business
  • Shattering Limitations – Especially Financial Ones
  • Americans Have Been Brainwashed Into Believing We must Risk Our Money to Make it Grow
  • Emotional Spending: How To Break the Addiction
  • Mastering the Art of Aloneness
  • She Was Stalked, Kidnapped With 7 Year Old Daughter, Held Hostage, Taped with Explosives – And Saved Both Their Lives
  • Tips About Using Social Networking as Brand-Building Tool by PR Expert with A-list Placement Contacts Which Including Oprah Magazine, the Today Show, Wall Street Journal and More
  • Innovative Ideas About Changing the Workplace and How This Expert Helps Fortune 500 Managers Develop Strategies to Lead Their Younger Workers

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EZ Google Tool to Improve SEO By Finding Highest Ranked Search Words Used by Customers Trying to Find Your Type of Product/Service

Take the results and use the higher ranked search words in your newsletters, blog, website and other online communication. This tool is geared to users of Google Adwords, but everyone can use it.  You’ll like it.

Google Keyword Tool

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Get Your Book Pitched Live at Books Expo America May 25-27

I know Randy Peyser from a writing project we worked on together several years ago. I don’t know much about this side of what she does, book pitching, but I can tell you she’s a great person, ethical, has a generous heart, and gives it her all for every client regardless of in what capacity.  So if you have a book ready to go and would like her to pitch it for you to publishers and literary agents, contact her quickly.

The link below takes you directly to the page specific to Books Expo America but take a look around her site, watch the videos.  She’s a published author herself, and provides many services for authors or for those that need writing services.


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Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Replacing Entourage with Outlook

This news was released last year, but I, and perhaps you, are just hearing it for the first time.   Here’s the August 2009 article I found on MacWorld. Click Here.

If you’d like a peak at a snapshot of what Outlook will look like, click Here.   Clicking on the snapshot will enlarge it.


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