Get Your Book Pitched Live at Books Expo America May 25-27

I know Randy Peyser from a writing project we worked on together several years ago. I don’t know much about this side of what she does, book pitching, but I can tell you she’s a great person, ethical, has a generous heart, and gives it her all for every client regardless of in what capacity.  So if you have a book ready to go and would like her to pitch it for you to publishers and literary agents, contact her quickly.

The link below takes you directly to the page specific to Books Expo America but take a look around her site, watch the videos.  She’s a published author herself, and provides many services for authors or for those that need writing services.

Call for rates (831) 726-3153 PST

One thought on “Get Your Book Pitched Live at Books Expo America May 25-27

  1. Heather Stowe May 23, 2010 / 2:17 pm

    I am a novice writer with the comletion of my first novel within the next few weeks.
    Is it wise to self publish or do I need to pitch it to agents.
    I have the money to pay for self publishing. It’s a teen romance/fiction book with the target audience of teen to young adults.
    Do you have any advice for me?

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