12 Strategies To Jumpstart Your Productivity

I have been a business owner working from my home office for many years now, since 1994.  It seems when I was just starting out, I had more self-discipline.  Each day, I worked on the most difficult or tedious tasks first, wasn’t as distracted by internet surfing, I remember being much more productive.  And now I have to struggle to stay productive.  Too much time on the internet that isn’t always business-related.  I seem to be taking care of the easiest and least important tasks first so what should be the priorities aren’t being treated as such.

I came across the following article on Lifehack with ideas that are relevant and for me, do-able.  I’ll start tommorrow :).

Do you want to end each day feeling like you’ve accomplished everything you set out to do?  Here are 12 strategies to boost your output exponentially:


Set productivity targets
Be clear on what exactly you want to achieve.
Maintain a work environment conducive to productivity
If you feel at home, you will be more inspired to get things done.
Have an organized workspace
If you have a messy workspace, you will feel disorganized and sluggish.
Put first things first
Put the important things first before anything else.
Time box your tasks
Time boxing refers to putting your tasks within fixed time slots.
Have a separate list for incoming tasks
Use a single list for urgent tasks, and another for other tasks.
Upgrade your skills
Your limitations in output come from limitations in your skill level.
Know your motivation triggers
When were the times when you felt inspired? How can you integrate this into your daily life to reinforce your motivation?
Utilize time pockets
Time pockets are the little bits of time you have in between one event to the next — waiting for buses, waiting for appointments to start. Have some ready activities for these.
Hold yourself accountable
Progress tracking is essential to know how you are doing.
Wake up early
If you are up before most of the world, you will be motivated to maintain that lead.
Remember To Rest
It’s about quality of work produced, not quantity of hours spent.

10 Daily Small Business Activities Guaranteed to Pay Off

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t started this year off with a lot of energy and inspiration.  Thankfully, the list below has lit the fire I needed.

  • I will first schedule for the year all activities that support my health and family (including workouts, doctor appointments, vacations, family events). Why? Because without these, I won’t be able to be productive in my business.
  • Each day, I will put appointments with enough time (and some extra built in) to complete my day’s top 2 business activities. I will work on these even before I check my email (thanks for this great idea from Tim Ferriss of the 4-Hour Work Week fame – it really works!). These will be my business priorities for the day. Once they are completed, I can work on other business activities.
  • By the middle of each day, I’ll make sure to take a moment and determine if I have helped someone today. If so, continue with my activities. If not, take action to help someone in need – anything from returning an email from someone who needs help, making a phone call to someone who suffered a recent setback, or even just giving a compliment to someone.
  • I will backup my files in the easiest way possible, automatically, by using Carbonite, or other similar service.
  • Each quarter, I’ll meet with my accountant. As one of my trusted advisors, I will work with him or her to determine necessary changes in my business.
  • I will put aside a reserve of money, or get a line of credit, so I will never feel “desperate.” I know that clients can sense desperation, and I won’t attract them if I feel that way. Plus, if I am not desperate for the money, I won’t have to take on clients who will drain me.
  • Each day, I will put a 30-minute appointment on my calendar to learn something new. In today’s world, we all have to be learning constantly, just to keep up. Each time I realize I need more knowledge of something, I’ll put it in one of my 30-minute appointment slots.
  • I will include marketing and business development activities in my business activities. This means that I may be scheduling time for social media promotion, Website updates, customer contacts, etc.
  • I will develop a consistent way to stay in front of current and potential clients. I know that this is the best way to grow my business. I can do this in many ways – through a newsletter, a regular Send Out Cards program, scheduled meetings and more.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, I won’t do it. I need to trust my gut. It’s usually right. 

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