Lion in Zoo Remembers His Rescuer With A Beautiful Hug

The woman in this video found the lion injured in the forest ready to die. She took the lion home with her and nursed it back to health. When it was better, she made arrangements with a zoo to take the lion and give it a new home.

The video was taken when, after six years, the woman went to visit the lion at the zoo.

And if you like that, here’s the viral video of the two then young men in England who adopted a baby lion and later released it to the lion’s natural habitat.  Years later, they returned to see if they could find it and if it would remember them.  Whether you’ve seen this already or not, get the tissues out.  (Don’t worry-nobody is eaten).

COLD SORES!!! Horribly embarrassing. You can only hide out so much until it heals. Use a dab of Cold Sores Begone™ to prevent the entire ordeal.

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