Free service-Send larger files that your email can’t

I use You Send It often to send mp3’s, my Quickbooks accounting file to the accountant, and videos. You can also send photos and artwork.  The email program I use, Entourage, can’t accommodate files this large, and since I’m all about convenience, this is one of my favorite sites.

Their free service is called ‘Lite’, which provides these key benefits:

Plenty of size – send files up to 100 MB with a 1 GB monthly download limit.
Spread the word – Allow up to 100 downloads of every file.
Address Book – Keep track of email addresses in one handy location.
Files Remain for 7 Days – Give your recipients a week to download the files you’ve sent.
HIPAA Compliant

Use an address book to save time and maintain contacts. Up to one hundred people can download every file, giving you plenty of room to spread the word.

They also offer a Pro Account for heavier usage needs, at a nominal cost.
Subscribe here: You Send It

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