The Holidays are ripe for a cold sore or canker sore

All the stress and fatigue that often goes along with the Holidays commonly causes a cold sore or canker sore for those prone to them.  The last thing you want now is a big, honking cold sore displayed prominently around the month.   Nor do you want the excruciating pain of a canker sore in the mouth to make eating, drinking or talking almost impossible.  Especially eating.  No, wait – drinking.  Hmmm-make that talking.  Aw geez – ALL of it!

Cold Sores Begone® will prevent that little cold sore of yours from erupting.  Yep. A few dabs at that dreaded tingling feeling, the infection is aborted, no cold sore, good to go.

Canker Sores Begone®, for most folks, heals the ulceration within 24 hours to a few short days.

No worries.  Safe for even small children, non-toxic, herbal topical formulation.  Endorsed by PREVENTION Magazine, no less.

Available at selected health food stores nationally, such as Whole Foods Market, and online HERE

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