Awesome iPhone apps-Gratitude Journal, Vision Board, Little Buddha (inspiration)


What a find if you’re:

  • An iPhone owner interested in life improvement
  • Interested in iPhone apps
  • A potential iPhone app creator
  • Needing help with your app project

Need a virtual assistant with Mac expertise?

Found this good resource on Ivan’s Expert Blog (Mac and tech news and tips).

I really like this blog because it offers all sorts of info, resources and help useful and understandable for those of us who are non-techie’s.

It’s brought to you by IvanExpert, personal and small business Mac help for New Yorkers. Founded by a former Apple engineer, Apple Certified Support Professionals, and members of the Apple Consultants Network. (212) 353-3310, email:

Subscribe to HARO-daily opportunities for potential media coverage, and it’s free

HARO stands for, founded by Peter Shankman.  In under a year, HARO has become the de-facto standard for thousands of journalists looking for sources on deadline, offering them more than 125,000 sources (that would be you) around the world looking to be quoted in the media.

The free subscription provides three emails per day containing queries by journalists. Here’s an excerpted sample from a recent HARO email, which also contains other categories, such as Life Style, Travel, Education, Entertainment & Media, and more.

********* INDEX ***********
Biotech and Healthcare

1) protecting your veins in middle age and beyond (national women’s magazine)

Business and Finance

2) Benchmarking (HVAC publication)

3) Help A Reporter Answer Questions About Bank Information (Credit Union Times)

4) Online Bill Pay (CBS13 News)

5) Independent Contractors (NY Daily News)

6) future of advertising (austrian business media)

7) Speaker on WordPress themes customization (Event / panel)

8) Looking to Interview Founders of Startups (Marketing By Deepak Blog)

9) Challenging Top Sales Performers (Vows Magazine)

Click HERE for more information how to best utilize HARO to build your company.

Extremely affordable (dare I say, cheap?) writing service for articles, press releases, blogs

I use them myself for article directory submissions. only costs $9.95 per month for membership plus the cost of your article, which varies by word count, but all extremely inexpensive (see prices below).  I don’t know how they do it, but glad they are.  You’ll have a long list of writers to choose from, some with writing samples.  I’m very, very picky about writing and always make some changes, regardless of who writes it – even if I’m the original writer, LOL.  Included in the price per article is the ability to ask for revision(s) if you’re unhappy with something.  Even that might not be enough if it’s the wrong writer for you.  I’ve gone through a number of them to find the few that works best for me. For the cost of an article,  a writer that doesn’t work out for you won’t be an expensive mistake.  With this writing service,  you own the article and can re-write it to your heart’s content to avoid content duplication, or at their low prices, pay them to re-write it.  They offer tutorials, and reading through the site will help you understand how it works and what the abbreviations mean, such as UAW (Unique Article Wizard) below.

Current pricing
Note: Articles requiring long-tail keywords – add $0.50 per keyword. Long-tail kw’s are any kw phrase over two words.

550 words – $ 5.52
750 words – $ 9.03
1000 words – $ 12.50

Blog Posts
100 words – $ 1.75
200 words – $ 2.75
300 words – $ 3.75

Rewrite options
UAW 650 – $ 10.00
UAW 1100 – $ 12.00
600 words – $ 4.75 (Pkg1)
1000 words – $ 5.75 (Pkg2)
Single Rewrite – $ 6.75 (AR)

Easy Fix for Common Problem Many WordPress Bloggers Don’t Know They Have That Degrades Google Ranking

Undo WordPress Content Duplication

A simple, step by step tip to undo WordPress content duplication when you’re blog can be accessed using using www or without it – and it probably can.  This is how to find out and what to do to correct it so Google doesn’t think it represents two different sites using duplicate content,  messing up your Google rating big time.

Points to content on, run by, offering smart, affordable PR for small business owners. (213) 785-8835 – It’s Great and Cheap!

My friend and I have already test-driven this for you. We’re both noticing improvements.  You won’t believe the hundreds of choices for everything, and I mean everything, you could imagine – even a few for fun, such as Ride on a Magic Carpet or Cloud Nine.  Click on the name for its description.

Each download is only $12.95 and comes down with each additional download  you order at the same time. is part of a professional psychology training organization based in Oban, on the West Coast of Scotland. All of the downloads at have been created by Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell, you can read about their credentials HERE.  Know that the voice will have an accent.

If you’re curious, both my friend and I have ordered Early Bed (when you stay up too late).  I also ordered Fear of Vomiting (too much information? :)),  my friend ordered something she prefers to keep personal, but seems encouraged with it so far.

Jay Conrad Levinson, Father of “Guerilla Marketing” Offering No-Cost Online Marketing Seminar This Thursday, June 10th

On Thursday, June 10th at 6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST,  Jay Conrad Levinson the Father of Guerrilla Marketing will be hosting a no cost call and sharing how to use unconventional methods to achieve conventional goals.

If you haven’t heard about Guerrilla Marketing already (is that possible?), it’s the most powerful marketing brand is history, published in 62 languages with over 21 million books being sold world-wide.

Jay has also been involved in the creation of some massive marketing campaigns such as:
–Marlboro Man
–Pillsbury Dough Boy
–Good hands with Allstate
–United Friendly Skies
–Die Hard Battery
–Lonely Maytag Repair Man
–Tony The Tiger
–Jolly Green Giant

On this action packed call, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing will instruct you how to create a marketing plan that you will use for the rest of your life!  The best part – Guerrilla Marketing is simple, and works every single time assuming you do it correctly.

Register for this no cost seminar:

Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books
The best known marketing brand in history
Named one of the 100 best business books ever written
Over 21 million sold; now in 62 languages

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Online Radio Interviews-Interesting Topics With Women Authors and Experts

From WOMEN, learn from women’s inspiring stories.  Hosted by Nancy D. O’Reilly, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

Interview topics include:

  • How to Parent Strong Girls With Good Self-Image
  • Long Time Survivor of Multiple Cancers Helps Children Understand Cancer
  • Valuable Information How to Cope With Cancer
  • Women and Finding Success in Business
  • Shattering Limitations – Especially Financial Ones
  • Americans Have Been Brainwashed Into Believing We must Risk Our Money to Make it Grow
  • Emotional Spending: How To Break the Addiction
  • Mastering the Art of Aloneness
  • She Was Stalked, Kidnapped With 7 Year Old Daughter, Held Hostage, Taped with Explosives – And Saved Both Their Lives
  • Tips About Using Social Networking as Brand-Building Tool by PR Expert with A-list Placement Contacts Which Including Oprah Magazine, the Today Show, Wall Street Journal and More
  • Innovative Ideas About Changing the Workplace and How This Expert Helps Fortune 500 Managers Develop Strategies to Lead Their Younger Workers

Click HERE.

EZ Google Tool to Improve SEO By Finding Highest Ranked Search Words Used by Customers Trying to Find Your Type of Product/Service

Take the results and use the higher ranked search words in your newsletters, blog, website and other online communication. This tool is geared to users of Google Adwords, but everyone can use it.  You’ll like it.

Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool Info + Google’s Top 50 Tools


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