Finally! Costco now selling womens’ plus size clothing

I found it in the most recent edition of the February 2013 Costco Connection, a cotton cardigan and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.  They’re only available in warehouse, not on website.  Tidbit – did you know that Gloria Vanderbilt is Anderson Cooper’s mom?


Downton Abbey – Watch Seasons 1 thru 3 for FREE!

DowntonAbbeyYou know how it is when you’re surfing, one link leads to another that leads to another…..and that’s how I found myself on a beautiful blog,   I was led there by the promise it had free access to Downton Abbey, all seasons and episodes to date.

And it delivered.  I can now die happy.

Here’s the link, enjoy.

Chronic Nose Bleeds – Finally Found a Solution

So I wasn't the first person with the tampax idea.
So I wasn’t the first person with the tampax idea.

I don’t recall ever having a bloody nose until five years ago.  I would bend over to tie my shoe lace or attach my dog’s leash to his collar, and blood would pour. At first, it would happen every few days, then every day, then several times a day.  Staining clothes, pillow cases, carpet, the embarrassment of when it happened in public.  Each occurrence took 30 minutes to stop.  Day after day for three months.  Then nothing. No sign of a bloody nose for five or six months, then it would start again for a few months.

I had my nose cauterized three times, didn’t work.  I didn’t blow my nose as recommended, I cleaned out my nasal passages with a netti pot and salt water, I placed Vaseline in my nose to keep in moistened.  Read about certain herbs, all failed.  I dangled my keys on the back of my neck (a folk remedy suggested by a neighbor).  Nope.

So for the past 5 years, several months off and on during the course of the year, my nose bled like there was no tomorrow. Then, I found a website with the solution, taking a capsule of Cool Cayenne and a Vitamin C with bioflavinoids once a day. The nose bleeds slowed to a stop over the next few days until it stopped altogether.  Occasionally, there were recurrences but very minor .  It’s been 10 months, can’t believe what a life saver it has been.  Last week, I was lazy and didn’t take the supplements for five days, then my nose started to pour like before.


Here’s the website I came across.  If you suffer with the same problem, you must give this a try.  If you read the comments below the article, some people needed to take two doses of each a day to reach success.  BTW, the Cool Cayenne has never irritated by stomach.

Most any health food store or vitamin supplement website will carry the Cool Cayenne and the Vitamin C with bioflavonoids.

I doing something risky here by mentioning anything about politics, but it comes from a non-dogmatic point of view and, in fact, I respect everyone’s opinion, even if I might not agree or understand it.  And I always understand I could be wrong.

I’ve been a lifetime liberal, not only due to family influence but my nature seems to swing that way. I voted for Obama, but now question if he’s the best candidate to deal with the unique problems we have today.  But I have the same concerns about Governor Romney, as well.  

I’ve found the candidate that will get the job done, former Governor of New Mexico, Libertarian Gary Johnson.  Yes, I know it’s a longshot that he could win, and although blocked by the Democrat/Republican Debate Committee from participating, he will be on the ballot.  He’s socially progressive and yet fiscally conservative.  He’s used his extraordinary skills as a businessman, and against all odds, left the beleaguered state of New Mexico with a surplus.  More, he achieved the impossible – he’s actually well thought of by most everyone in the State.  To read his story is incredible, to see his website what he will do as President, will resonate for many of you.   You’ve heard the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results?  Believe me, he’s not afraid of change – big change. His website, 

The reason I’m writing about this at all, he’ll be in speaking in Fullerton on October 22nd where you’ll have a chance to meet him, see what he’s about up front and person, and ask questions. 


4-minute workout for maximum aerobics & sustained metabolism

woman after workout
I like this, she doesn’t appear to be sweating 🙂

I should exercise for all the health benefits it provides but including weight loss for which I’ve had life-long issues.  One deterrant has been that I just don’t like to sweat, that’s why I hate humidity.  So in the past, whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes :).

So why is it on my mind now?  The mirror.  What the hell happened to me while I wasn’t watching??

I’m all about convenience, so found the “world’s fastest workout”, a 4 minute routine.  It was developed by a Japanese scientist to increase aerobic capacity as well as increase metabolism for up to 36 hours.   I’m too out-of-shape to do this now, but it’s what I’m going to work up to.

3 Facebook pages you’ll want to ‘like’ to keep in the know

Staci Tooke is a virtual assistant specializing in integrated internet content management support, social media, and blog management.  Given Facebook’s recent site update,  she provided this great tip for Facebook users:

“A key to know what is going on at FaceBook is make sure you have ‘liked’ these pages: is another valuable resource.

Since it’s my business, I make sure to stay on the same page with the news makers.”

I couldn’t offer customers discounts via Paypal. My solution—added E-Junkie

If you’ve read my blog for any time, you will have noticed that I share solutions and resources.  Before I started my blogs, I would email solutions and resources  on a regular basis.  I cannot NOT do it.  It’s how I’m wired.

So today, you’re getting the full benefit of a solution and a resource.

I have two retail websites, and and use Paypal to process credit card transactions.  It’s a real time-saver, but surprisingly, they don’t offer merchants such as myself the ability to offer customers a discount or promotion.

A fellow online retailer had the same problem and recommended what she did, register with Among many of their services, they allow you to customize your cart, integrating it with Paypal, so discounts and promotions are easily managed just by logging into your E-Junkie account. charges me $5/mo for this capability.

I’m not knowledgeable about making changes on my retail website or shopping cart, and I knew I’d need someone to either walk me thru the set up or do it for me.  E-Junkie has all kinds of help to offer but it’s only via chat.  I needed more. They recommended Andrew, who works closely with them as the Lead Project Engineer for his own company,

I hired Andrew and he gave me an estimate of how long the job would take.  He ran a little over that, but didn’t charge extra since that’s what he quoted.  The prices at vary depending on the service and time required, but generally $50/hour.  Reasonable.

Have you ever had that rare occasion to work with someone who is such a pleasure — reliable, thorough, ethical, articulate, does all he can to save you money?

An staff member wrote this on Andrew’s website:

“We’ve got gurus, ninjas and support monsters at E-junkie helping our merchants, but when they are out of ideas, Andrew steps in. More than once I’ve seen him do things with our cart that I never thought were possible!”
Robin K. — E-Junkie

Apparently, he does everything from teaching people how to use, install, or configure the cart, to programming custom things to do with it.  More details about what he does can be found here:

Andrew and his team also offer web design.  I love a clean look on a website, and that’s what he created for this website:

For those of you interested, here are a few examples of solutions Andrew/his team have provided to their customers:

On RightOnTheWalls, we did the top-most Facebook/Twitter/Email header, the drop-down menus, the floating buttons on the right hand side, and everything related to the top three floating buttons on the right (we did the “Bulleten Board” feature, the “Design Custom Text” flash programming – this one is really cool, and the “Custom Photo Gifts” feature programming).  Also, for any products that need to have a photo or design uploaded as part of the buying process, we programmed that.

On OneDiscMore, we designed and programmed the order form to accept all the order information for a custom CD/DVD production order with easy to use buttons, and we programmed the price calculation “engine” that calculates just how much a custom order costs before passing all the details to the E-Junkie cart.

For NarcissismCured, we programmed a number of custom features on their sales pages.  First of all, the site uses “IP address-based pricing” which means that if you are in the US, it automatically prices your products in US Dollars, if you are in Canada, it prices them in Canadian Dollars, if you are in the EU Zone, it prices in Euros, etc…  Also, if you click on any of the “add to cart buttons” (which we did custom for them as well), you will see in the cart overlay two “upsell buttons” at the bottom of the cart overlay.  Clicking either button will add the specified product to the cart overlay without the user needing to leave the cart.  We did those too. 🙂  Also, whenever someone buys a CD from this site, we programmed it so the order gets sent directly to their fulfillment company,  So, their CD orders are completely automated.  Also, when someone buys a product that comes bundled with a subscription to their free eCourses on relationships and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, we programmed it so the customer is automatically added to their email list with iContact.

On this site, we did just one thing.  If you scroll down to the “add to cart” button, you’ll see that there is a checkbox next to text that reads “I agree to the terms & conditions”… we programmed it so the use *has to* check the box before they can add the product to the cart and make a purchase.

Contact info:

Phone: (540) 808-0276


Free webinar with Peter Shankman (HARO) – How to grow your business using video

August 10th from 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm EST.

Social media expert and founder of Help A Reporter Out (HARO) Peter Shankman will share his secrets in a free live video webinar on how to:

  • tell your story in a compelling way on video
  • leverage social media videos to get the word out
  • get press attention for your video

Plenty of examples will be shown and will give two selected business videos a ‘video makeover’.

Register here.