Unravel the Mystery of Your Mixed-Breed Pup With A Simple DNA Test

I own two mixed-breed dogs, both adopted.  Each favor the looks of a specific breed but its apparent there’s a mix of some kind, but which is just a guess.  Curiosity gets the best of me sometimes, especially with Noodles, the darker dog.  Would you like to meet them???
This is Molly, 2 1/2 yrs old. Cocker/Dachshund?

Noodles, the newest member of the family, adopted one month ago. About the same age as Molly. I’m told he’s a Dachshund/King Charles Cavalier, but I don’t know about that.

There’s a reason, other than curiousity, to know the breeds in your dog’s background :

  • Explaining behavior
  • Help in training
  • Managing health

CanineHeritage.com can perform a DNA-based diagnostic test to give you the answer.  $80 per dog.

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