“Comment Blogging” Done Right Increases Influence and Traffic to Your Site

“COMMENT BLOGGING”  was written by Donna Maria Coles Johnson, CEO of Indie Business Media, a communications company, which offers custom content and expert insights to help small and independent business owners maximize their potential in life and business.

Ms. Johnson is also the founder and CEO of the Indie Beauty Network, a trade organization serving independent companies that offer health, beauty and lifestyle products and services.

If you’re a very small business owner, or hope to become one, I encourage you to visit her site, get to know her, subscribe to her blogs, and fully participate in the wealth of information and resources Donna has to offer.

  • She hosts the weekly Indie Business Radio show, featuring authors, experts and influencers who are as committed as she is to encouraging small business success. 
  • Featured in dozens of media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Business Journal, The Chicago Tribune, ABC World News, National Public Radio, Entrepreneur Magazine, Working Mother Magazine and Ebony Magazine. 
  • Donna Maria graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. She was earned a Juris Doctorate from the Catholic University of America, where she served on the prestigious Law Review and majored in telecommunications.

One thought on ““Comment Blogging” Done Right Increases Influence and Traffic to Your Site

  1. Donna Maria @ Indie Business February 8, 2010 / 10:08 am

    Robin:What a nice surprise! Thanks for sharing my thoughts on comment blogging with your readers. It's a great way to get some "idea juice," when you have a blogging block! I look forward to learning more about you and your business this year!

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