9 Businesses You Can Start in Your Pajamas in 2010

I am never more inspired and in awe when I come across stories how people have started a successful small business from nothing more than an interest in something, an ability to sew, wear a T-shirt, gaming and more.  You’ll read some of these stories in the link further below, an article I found on Inc.com.

Tonight, watching Animal Planet on TV, there was a fascinating story about an ordinary man and his beagle (a hound), who he trained to ‘hunt’ down bed bugs that had burrowed themselves in areas away from the bed –  in a closet, another room, or down a staircase.

A pest exterminator can’t thoroughly treat a home for bed bugs if he or she doesn’t know where the bed bugs have traveled. 

So the beagle owner created a niche business for himself and gets to go to work with his beloved dog and business partner each day. How great is that?

Here’s the article on Inc.com.  Let it inspire you to be open to new, creative ideas for yourself. Brainstorm with someone.  It could be a blast.  The process of creativity makes you feel vital and alive.

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