What you can expect from this blog

I’m an information and resources junkie that feels compelled to share my finds with the world. There will be thoughts and insights, recommendations for small business owners  and for consumers when I come across products or services I find unusual or extra-ordinary. Count on videos that are funny, inspirational or informative, and interesting facts.

EXAMPLE:  Did you know that when you’re sad and cry, tears run down your face.  If tears are from joy, they run off the side of your face.

What quality of life could you have had before knowing this??

There will also be information and news about cold sores and canker sores. Statistics say that well over half the world’s population are affected, and it’s how I happen to make my living. You’ve heard the expression “necessity is the mother of invention”? That’s what happened. Years ago, fed up by a lifetime of painful, extremely embarrassing cold sores and miserable canker sores, I created what started as a home-made herbal remedy that reliably prevented future cold sores from erupting by applying it when I felt the dreaded early warning ‘tingling’ symptom. It was that simple. And shocking that it worked :).

Later, I concocted another herbal remedy for the excruciating cankers sores which would develop inside my mouth when I was over-tired. The canker sore would heal within a couple of days rather than a week or more had I used nothing. 

The production of those two remedies eventually moved from my kitchen counter to an FDA approved/FTC licensed lab, products named Cold Sores Begone® and Canker Sores Begone®,   becoming two of the bestselling remedies of their type in the natural health industry.  Not bad for an ex-secretary.  Most asked question – “Does it really work?” Yes, for most people. And to answer another common question, both remedies are safe for children, toddler on up.

If you like reading how a small business got started, you can find my story here, describing how a series of unlikely events paved the way.


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