Chris Bliss– Unique Juggling Virtuoso, Comedian, But Mostly, an Inspiring American

Perhaps I’m the last person to have heard of Chris Bliss, who performs mindboggling, choreographed juggling only to Beatles music.  He plays down his ability to juggle, having said it was just something he played around with and could do. It was his ticket out of law school.

Juggling Act

I admit, I only have a mild interest in juggling, but when I watched the video, I found it beautiful, it took my breath away.

It seems, his real passion is not show business, it’s a grass roots initiative he started to bring Americans back together, regardless of political affiliation, where we all have a shared purpose.  In this enjoyable article,  “Monument to Bill of Rights is up in the air”, written by Ken Herman from, Bliss says “I was increasingly tired of the divisive conversation. I didn’t really think it was taking us anywhere and seemed to be eliminating any sense of common ground and common purpose. I was looking for a project, something the left and the right could embrace.”  Watch the video on that page to see the designer’s rendering of what the plaza will look like — it’s awesome.

So he created  That’s right — the Bill of Rights.  You know, the one that allows us to worship (or not) as we please, own guns (although I’m personally on the fence about this one), refuse to quarter soldiers in our homes, and have a speedy trial, including a can’t-do list telling government what it can’t do.

Newman’s Own Foundation (as in Paul Newman) has donated a $15,000 grant toward his mission.  I sent in my donation today.  It wasn’t much but I plan to do more over time.


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