Itchy fingers with fluid-filled blisters? Think herpes simplex infection.

When the cluster of blisters appear on the fingers, it’s actually called Herpetic Whitlow, a herpes simplex infection.  60% of herpes whitlow is caused by the same virus as a cold sore, herpes simplex virus I, while 40% are caused by herpes simplex virus II (genital herpes).  The triggers for an outbreak are the same as for cold sores: stress, fatigue, lowered immune system, menstruation, pregnancy.

This infection is no less contagious than a cold sore or genital herpes infection, and particularly so when the blisters open.  Be vigilent to avoid touching areas of your body where there might be an open cut or lesion,  your eyes, genital and buttocks to avoid infecting those areas.

And like a cold sore, the outbreak can be treated with your favorite cold sore remedy or supplement.   If your fave is not preventing the outbreak at the early symptom, try Cold Sores Begone, a topical, non-toxic remedy safe enough for kids, or L-lysine supplements.


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Robin Barr is a business owner, animal lover, information and resources junkie, and a fan of innovation. She's also the inventor of award-winning Cold Sores Begone™, an instant preventative, and Canker Sores Begone™, a healing accelerator. A boomer and ENFP, Robin lives in Mission Viejo, Calif.


About Robin Barr

I was born in New Jersey, and when I was 3, my parents moved to Southern CA where I've lived since in Covina, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Laguna Niguel and now Mission Viejo. I love dogs and cats and compassionate about all living creatures. What do I do for a living? I invent problem solvers. Have you seen Cold Sores Begone™ or Canker Sores Begone™ in health food stores or online? Mine. I like using stuff that won’t kill me later so both remedies are non-toxic, safe enough for small children, and topical (I don't swallow pills easily). If you want to prevent a cold sore from materializing when you feel the early tingle symptom, apply a few drops of Cold Sores Begone™. Done. If you're plagued with those painful ulcerations inside the mouth (canker sores), apply a few drops of Canker Sores Begone™a few times a day, and it should disappear in 2-3 days. I was elated when PREVENTION and NATURAL HEALTH magazines told the world my two products work as promised. Afterall, I'm just an accidental entrepreneur. Read the circumstances of how I came to be a small business owner here, scrolling down to the paragraph header that starts with "If you're curious...". Everything above it is a repeat of this bio.
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