Free Webinar-Google Adwords Demystified This Tues, 6/29!

Lana Goldenberg, an online marketing consultant and coach, is offering a free webinar on Google AdWords will include the basics as well as advanced strategies for increase your ROI on Google. She will also show you inexpensive alternatives to AdWords and the 7 must-have steps to a profitable PPC campaign on any channel. Novices and experts welcome.

Attract Your Ideal Client Without Wasting A Fortune on Pay-Per-Click Ads
In this 1- hr interactive webinar, she will share:

  • What is Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • 7 basic steps to a profitable Pay-Per-Click campaign on Google or any other search engine
  • The least expensive alternatives to AdWords that will help you attract new visitors and customers
  • The #1 costly mistake Entrepreneurs make with AdWords that causes them to waste thousands before seeing any result
  • Writing copy that sells – attracting your ideal clients in 95 characters or less
  • Special “insider” pricing for my new Google AdWords bootcamp (coming soon in July!)

Dates: June 29th, Noon PST / 3 pm EST
Fee: Free
Discount: NA
Sign-up link:

About Lana
Lana Goldenberg helps entrepreneurs make more money by attracting, keeping, and moneziting their ideal clients online. After a successful 12-year corporate career in Marketing and Product Management, Lana pursued her passion of coaching and helping entrepreneurs benefit from the same proven strategies that large corporations use to attract clients and increase profits. She takes the complexity out of SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Website Development, and Social Media, and strategically incorporates these into her clients’ money-making goals. She shares her techniques via one-on-one coaching as well as group traing for teams and organizations. Lana holds an MBA from UCLA and a B.A. from UC Berkeley. She lives in Marina del Rey, CA with her husband and two children.


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