Counting on Sales from Foot Traffic Doesn't Work Anymore

There was a time (a few years ago) when a sale was actually quite easy. People were much quicker to open their wallets and spend without thinking.  There seems to be a psychological barrier now and it takes a bit longer to make the decision to buy.

Retailers are finding that on some days, it’s dead, affecting sales.  Frustrated with the lack of traffic flow,  retail space owners are contacting their management office requesting they do something to increase it.

An ex-Estee Lauder Cosmetic saleswoman has shared “You are going to have to hire salespeople who know how to clientele.  By that, I mean they have to start building their client list and become best friends with them. They have to invite clients whenever you do an event or have a sale or do anything special.  They must work for every single sale.  Look around [the store she was in]. There’s no one here. You can’t count on foot traffic, especially in this economy. Anyway, counting on foot traffic is so 1980’s. That doesn’t work anymore.”


Personalize each of your sales in order to create a loyal, long-term following. Every single person that walks into your space and buys something should receive a personalized email from you within two weeks.  Every single potential customer should hear from you in a personalized email.  Be happy to work for every single sale.  This includes website sales.

Time and energy?  Yes, but it’s an investment in a longer-term selling process to get your “first circle” of customers excited and buzzing about you.  Then they will tell their friends who will tell their friends.

So what will you do to begin personalizing your sales?  Here’s a suggestion to do the following:

1. Get the contact info of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who purchases from you… via website, craft fairs, or otherwise.  If you talk to them, make sure to write down something personal about them.

2. Contact them 2 weeks after they purchase to ask them how they are enjoying your product/service.  Personalize it (this is where your note-taking is invaluable!)

3. Contact them every month via a newsletter, phone call, or email (don’t be a car salesman about it… provide something valuable… Give, give, get!)

Adapted from a blog written by Angela Jia Kim, Founder of Savor the Success, a premium business network for women, and owner of Om Aroma, an anti-aging luxury organic spa and skincare line that is free of parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, and other toxic chemical fillers.


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